Our Success Stories

Client Name: India's largest IT/ITeS Company
Program: Desktop Yoga for Work related stress disorders
Duration: 12 consecutive weeks
Benefits: 75,000+ employees across 34 locations participated consistently for the 12 week program (30 mins per week). Work related stress disorders cases dropped by ~10% with other long-term benefits for employees.
Client Name: One of India's largest Chain of Hotels
Program: On-site fitness programs with Digital Steps Challenge
Duration: 60 days
Benefits: Introduction of on-site fitness programs like Beach Yoga, Partner Yoga, Desktop Yoga, Flash mobs and Zumba, increased the engagement and sign ups for the Digital Steps Challenge for the company.
Client Name: India's largest Financial Services & Travel Company
Program: Pan India Employee Health & Benefits Program
Duration: 12 months (12000+ employees)
Benefits: Introduction of a holistic on-site Health Interventions program in the form of an Annual Wellness Calendar across 15 offices in India. Programs covered key areas like physical fitness, emotional wellness, Nutrition, Maternity care and company wide challenges, conducted by 100+ FitMeIn expert Health coaches. Employee participation gradually increased to 60% over the course of the program.
Client Name: One of India's largest Consulting firms
Program: Flexible Fitness Hours program (app based)
Duration: 12 months (500+ employees)
Benefits: Reduced the cost to company of purchase or re-imbursement of gym memberships for employees by 40%. Introduced the FitMeIn Flexible Fitness Hours program where the company paid only for actual usage of Pan India FitMeIn network of gyms and fitness Studios.